The World’s Best Designed Sports Stadiums

Sports are popular, so much so that they are frequently in the center of media attention. Most sports are looked at from a perspective of passion, through fans who cherish their favorite athletes and clubs. 

Some people look at sports through the eyes of business, from managers and advertising companies, and some view it as entertainment, whether it is by watching the games or by using  technology and welcome offers like this Virgin Bet Welcome Offer.

However, sports can always be looked at from a perspective of art. Art is not what you expect to find in sports, but in reality, art is everything. The very motions in sports are artistic, in their own way.

However, if you look at the architecture of sports stadiums and venues, there is plenty of art to be found. Here are the world’s best designed sports stadiums.

Beijing National Stadium

The Beijing National Stadium in the capital city of China, is known for its interesting design, as well as being a huge venue that hosted many international tournaments, namely the 2008 Olympics.

The stadium was designed by Herzog & de Mauren from Switzerland and Chinese architect Li Xinggang and artist Ai Weiwei. The stadium is easily recognizable by the outer shell of random intertwined steel. The shape of the stadium gave birth to its nickname, the bird’s nest, though it is said to have been inspired by Chinese ceramics.

The venue can host 80,000 people and has done so on multiple occasions for various international tournaments.

The Olympic Stadium in Montreal

This stadium was supposed to be ready by the 1976 Olympics, but wasn’t finished until 1987. At the time, it was supposed to cost around 120$ million, though the cost exceeded that by more than tenfold, leading to a price of around 1.7$ billion. 

The stadium was designed by French architect Roger Taillibert and was inspired by organic parts such as vertebrae, sinews and other body parts, found in nature. The design is rather simple, but very modern, all things considered.

The stadium has a nickname, the Big O, because of its roof. When the costs of the stadium were revealed, it got another nickname, the Big Owe.

Wembley Stadium

When the stadium doesn’t need additional information in its name, then you know that you are talking about an iconic venue. This stadium is located in London, England and was built originally in 1922. It was demolished in 2002-2003, to make room for a better Wembley.

The new Wembley was opened in 2007 and is home to the English National Team. It is a huge venue that can host up to 90,000 people. It was designed by Foster + Partners, who specialize in stadiums and sports venues.

Wembley is known as a great sports venue, but also a great concert venue, having hosted huge concerts through the decades, Live Aid to name one.

The world is full of great architectural feats. These stadiums are some of those feats. There are other amazing sports venues out there, and it is up to you to explore and find them.


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