A powerful WebGL/HTML5 graphics engine

Goo Engine allows you to create amazingly smooth graphics, advanced games and interactive experiences on all devices, with full hardware acceleration. With Goo Engine you will have the power to build the next generation of web experiences, without limitations and on all platforms.

Modular by nature

Mix and match the built in functionality to suit your needs. Goo Engine is built from the ground up to let you use, and reuse, only the pieces you need.

Fully featured package

Goo Engine features everything you have come to expect from a modern game engine; animations, particles, input, and post effects, just to name a few. Plus, it can be fully integrated with external libraries to support or improve sound, physics, and more.


If you ever need to extend the built-in functionality, you can. We've taken care to make it as straightforward as possible to pop the hood and hook up new stuff into Goo Engine.


Combine the hardware driven rendering offered through WebGL with optimisations in the engine’s core and file formats, and you'll get an uncompromised game engine designed to power the most advanced graphics on the web.

Professional Support

Our online support channels are used personally by our developers every day. Don't be surprised if you find your question being answered by someone from our developer team, and that includes our CTO.


We strive to aid both beginners and seasoned developers alike. We continuously improve our online documentation to ensure that it maintains the highest level of quality and relevance.

Integrated with Goo Create

Start a project in Goo Create and take it to the next level with Goo Engine. Projects exported from Goo Create are made with fully editable Goo Engine code. In fact, Goo Create is built on top of Goo Engine. It all makes perfect sense, really!

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